Cash Registered Not opening with samba v5 pos

HI Team,

Just purchased samba v5 pos & installed it, connected my printer SEWOO printer & cash drawer.
printer working fine but unable to cash drawer, tried your troubleshooting procedure but didn’t work.

can you please help sort out this issue.



Show your print template, have you put the correct kick code in your template for your printer

27,112,0,25,250 the print template I used, is the correct one I just followed the troubleshooting instructions

The printer I am using is sewoo slk- t32eb

Did you connect the cable of the cash draw to the back of your printer? or to the back of your POS system?

I have connected the cable back of the printer

when I test the printer through the printer properties its opening the cash drawer

The kick code in your template is either incorrect or in the wrong place in your template

Show you ticket template settings

Try one of them