Cash Rounding Payment Processor

Can somebody spot why my Payment processor is not kicking in when the Item is Marked as Happy Hour?
Here is the Ticket and related screens:

Payment Screen - no Cash Rounding

Setup for Payment Processor


It does work on any ticket - as long as it does not contain an Happy Hour Tag?
Notice below all is sweet? :confused: Cash Button shows $8.25.

I don’t think that has any relationship with happy hour tag. Seems like you’ve just configured it to round upwards.

Yes correct Emre, but how come the second screen at $2.02 did not give me an option of CASH $2.05?

As Decrease Amount setting not enabled for your calculation template it only increases ticket amount. If you need to always round by increasing ticket amount you can select Round Ticket Total Exactly setting as Calculation Method.

If you want to round nearest value (so it can increase or decrease depending on ticket amount) you’ll need two calculation types as explained at the beginning of this post. SambaPOS Rounding Features. In this case you’ll have two payment processors. One of them will work accordingly.

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Interesting I will look further. I just do not understand why it works always except for an Ticket containing a Happy Hour Order? Coincidence…

It works if it can round to nearest value by increasing Ticket Amount. For example it works when ticket is 2.94. It can make it 2.95. So works. But does not works for 2.91 as it is configured to round to nearest, nearest value is 2.90. It needs to decrease ticket amount. But it can’t as Decrease Amount setting not enabled.

Why it is so complex? Unlike any other solution we never miss a cent and just reflect it to accounting. This is just one of the reasons.

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So $1.57 should become $1.60 the way I configured it correct? Or should offer a $1.60 Cash Button.

But see below the $ 2.99 offers a cash option of $3.00 BUT has no Happy Hour Discount…
[U<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/0/e/0e72f63fb53a9ad0016d159c5801cbc8b2377fe9.JPG" width=“690”

I can add the 2 ticket screens if you like?

OK @pauln can you please choose calculation method as Round Ticket Total Exactly and show me if it makes any difference?

Doing it now, will post it shortly…
Yes it works? I have obviously confused myself? $ 1.57 now offers a Cash Button of $ 1.60. So @emre I am just going to re-read all your comments above a few more times…

Tested, and Retested marked as done.