Cash shown in report does not match cash in account


We went live this morning, everything rocks except cash in Report.

In Account - Cash: OK

After the first work period, I have 731.30 in cash (which is correct and match the reality)
This the sales in cash + the cash-in - the cash-out - Change. See figure 1.

In Report : Not OK

The work period report shows cash = 887.10

This is the sales only … (BUT the cash-out is not deduced, + the cash-in is not added, …) See figure 2.
It looks like that the cash in report does not take in account the transaction related to:

  • Change
  • Cash in
  • Cash out

Which affect the CASH account though.

I have 2 extra buttons (cash in and cash out), which seems to work as it can be seen in Account - Cash.
I also have a Change transaction to give the change in local currency when paid in USD, it also seems to work.

Did I miss something when creating Change, cash in cash out ?

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Thank you


Work period report displays cash income not cash drawer balance.

For example you sold $300 items. Tendered $200 cash and $100 cc. When all tickets settled the Total Income amount should match with Total Sales amount. So even you cashout income value won’t change.

As you’ve also noticed you’ll track actual cash balance through cash account.

Thank you for your reply, emre.

It would be really usefull to have such a report, when waiter closing his shift, he has to report to the manager.
He has to hand over Cash, Cash $, Credit Card vouchers, Credit Card $ vouchers, bills that have been paid during the shift, etc …
With such a report (how many I should have in cash, cc, etc ), he just prints out his report, next shift can start while he goes some place to count his money, etc before reporting to the manager.

Maybe in the future :wink: in the mean time we will use accounts to close the shift.

Thank you,


Try to use Ticket Explorer for the waitress at the end of the shift…



@plume this is in our todo list. Thanks.

Thanks emre !

In the meantime, I’ll try to learn how scripts are working to make personal report.
@QMcKay seems to be a reference in that matter :smile:


Something a bit different but related.

I follow the Change in Local Currency thread to give the change in local currency when paid in $.
Everything works fine, as in the post, 2 payment transactions:

  • Payment Tansaction (Cash in $)
  • Change Transaction (Cash in local currency)

In Work Period Report I can see:


  • Sales = xxx
  • Discount = yyy

Total : 1000


  • Cash = xxx
  • Cash $ = yyy
  • CC = zzz

Total Income is not matching the sales: 1000 - all change transactions.

I wonder if it would not be “natural” to include the change transactions in the income report (under Cash or an additional line), as the real income has to take in account the changes we gave back.

I am not talking about paying a bill which cash-out money transactions, or what so ever, I am only talking about the change transactions, which affect the income.


@plume I have to configure SambaPOS as you’ve configured to be able to test this. Can you send a screenshot of report so I can understand the problem better?

@emre. Ok I’ll do - Now I cannot I don’t have access, as soon as I can, I’ll do.


@emre Below are the screenshots of report and Cash Account.

Total Sales:	1056.93
Total Income:	1108.73
Difference:	51.8

Sum of the 3 Change Transactions for that period:

41.2 + 3 + 7.60 = 51.8


Cash Account

Thanks !


Hello Marc. Still couldn’t reproduce it. Is it possible to PM me a backup zip of your database?

Sure, I can do that this tonight after we close, Be aware that we went live about a week ago, but I changed some stuff during that week, new rules, new accounts name, etc … However the exemple I gave you was after my changes.

That brings me a question I have in mind for some time: If I make an update of the SambaPOS (SambaPOS 4.1.3 BETA) to the last version, do I keep all my customisation (rules, templates, etc …) ?


Updating SambaPOS keeps all of your settings, sales, etc.
Always do a manual backup of the database first. Then update to the latest.

Hello @plume. Thank you very much for helping me solving this issue.

After next update reports will include change transactions. Does it solve your problem?

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Hi @Emre, yes this will solve my problem, thanks !

If I could abuse :blush: I would ask you if it would be possible to:

  • Add a “Cash/CC… in Drawer” section in that report

It would be almost the same report as Incomes (Payment transactions + Change Transactions) except that it would also include all the other transactions done on these Income accounts (Like CashIn, CashOut)


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