Cashing up a table with different payments is printing each receipt

i implimented the automatic print on payment in the configuration task , i have different payment options so when my customers pay with different payments for an example …the ticket total is $20 my customers pays $10 cash and $10 credit card…when i settle the ticket and press cash it prints a receipt and then when i press credit card it prints another receipt…how will i change to print bill after im done settling the whole ticket

Then you shouldn’t use that automation. You should print only when remaining amount is 0.

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thank you that helped, but now when i settle a ticket with cash button for an example the bill is $15 and i cash it of with $20 it doesnt print the bill but when the amount is exact it prints the bill…how do i make it to print bill when change is due

Can you show the rule that is executing the print job on payments?

That is correct. It should work.

had to restart sambapos and it fixed the problem,thank you