Cat 6 Ethernet Brands

Hi I’m buying cat6 Ethernet and so far what I know is I’m looking for bare copper UTP. I’ve found this brand, Fast Cat on Amazon, very highly reviewed, can anyone vouch for it or provide a personal recommendation?

Thanks for your help.

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Looks like a standard Cat6 twisted pair cable, nothing out of ordinary about it. Should work normally.

Main things to watch out for are core gauge - cheap cables use bare minimum material, can make crimping trickier with the smallest stuff and thats its not copper coated aluminium - another cheaper option that is lower quality.
For short runs its less of an issue, only likely to notice difference when doing longer runs.
In fairness though I have used some dirt cheap cable before and its worked fine. If its branded and actually is rated it has to meet set specifications usually based on 100m I think, cat6 supporting gigabit at 100m and I think 10gb at 30m or something like that.
I would worry less about it for individual drops to single devices and make sure any backbone runs are top spec if on a budget.
Although have used nothing but cat6 after lucking out on 8 boxes of it for like £40 at an auction couple of years ago.

In short, if concerned get from a reputable supplier or at least see what brand such suppliers are using.
If a company specialising in networking equipment and wire sell it its unlikely to be cheap rubbish.

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