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Thanks to Emre, for the new Samba Pos 4 release, has a great design.
Where will be available the project to download?

Hello @hakan. Let me know if this topic is visible to you or not. Thanks.

Thank you for quick replay. Yes it’s available sambapos4.1.x.exe but I’m asking for the source code of new version.

We won’t release 4.x source code because we started using commercial third party libraries and we don’t have rights to release their source code or development libraries. That means V4 is not an open source project. It is freeware.

I’ll personally keep contributing to open source V3 and if it keeps getting community attention we can continue it’s development next to V4.

Thank you for answer. I understud the reason. But I’m sorry for that, becouse just this days I started to use samba pos, and I liked it very much. I wanted to contribute as developer to this projet with ne features. May I contribute to this project. Ma I have changes privatlly on a private link. I will share my changes to your projet team.
best regards.

Sorry. Like I said we don’t have plans to release V4 source code.

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