CCTV Intergration via web post

Anyone know how to make a blind web post in a script?
The json post I’ve used before works and it passes the data (although don’t want to send json but was just testing) however it crashes samba, am guessing the CCTV fix isn’t responding in anyway.
I have got it working fine by printing to it via IP print setup in Windows but don’t want to make loads of templates and jobs for the log type message I want to send to it hence wanting to try in script.

I think if you just want to go to a web page then download whatever is there (like a GET), you can use


If you want to POST data, you can use either


They won’t send JSON nor expect a JSON response.

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Seems my issue is the cctv nvr doesn’t respond to posts, causing timeout on the request/post.
So next question is, can we print from a script? I dont mean print a ticket but actually send to printer from script.
Want to avoid something like update local program setting then print a template with just local setting…

You could probably use GQL to trigger one.

But can you feed firectly into the print job, not that I have seen.
Its that or maybe setting a really short timeout but stugling to find the way to set the timeout for the webclient() framework

@Jesse any sugestions on how to report tasks only created in say the last 10 seconds?
Am struggling to work out how to use the task state in order to try using task state duration seconds < 10.
Have tried setting a task state of ‘Created’ but reporting it returns all 0s.
Do I need to do something like Completed=Now for state name and value?

Am thinking if I merge cctv intergration with improved loggin I can send updates of say the last 10 seconds of log tasks to give more than a single line overlay on cctv, if I can do it it would give a nice rolling log of say 10 seconds of full log.

Although saying that that would cause duplicates in the cctv log of POS events…