CE DB converted to .mdf

I have converted old database of V4 from CE to .mdf using tutorial SQL Express 2014 Installation - SambaPOS4 Database Setup - [BONUS] How to Convert from CE to SQL Express

its working in V5 can i use the same data file in V4 too ?

Unfortunately you cannot use it, because the application version should be the same as the database version.

Once the converted file has been loaded and run in a version the database will be updated to be that version or newer.
You should be able to take a fresh V4 ce convert and load into same V4 version.
Personally I would have done that anyway convert from ce to SQL and checked in same V4 rather than importing into v5 as you then have 2 poten tial causes of issues (convert and upgrate) which would make things harder to diagnose if issues

Ok ,
since I had the orignal database SQLC file , I created another .mdf database for samba 4 and updated the connection string and able to login

actually my need to switch over to V5 is mainly because with V4 there were some unusual issues that I was facing with data loss
like even after closing the work period i was randomly loosing data of the latest work periods
for example i saved work period on 12th March , 13th march, 14th March and today while working in new work period it would suddenly gets closed and when i open it again it would open with work period of past dates ( could be 12th ,13th )
so this was my main issue
just asking by changing the database format would the problem be solved ? or it was a totally different issue

CE is not great, SQL all the way, it is quite possible the database type might be your issue.
Only ever use CE once on very first system, all SQL now.
V5 does offer many advantages. Yes it isnt free like v4 but you do get features like custom reporting which was optional extra in v4 which is very valuable plus allot of additional actions/features which are also very usefull. Reports also include allot of additional expressions.
V4 will not be receiving any further updates also.

Yes I do realize the new features as I am exploring it just for starter the Ticket Lister widget and Dynamic mapping of table buttons which display information is quite nice :slight_smile:
but I missed the bus when initially V5 as offered for $99 and now its $249 :slight_smile:

CE was discontinued by microsoft because they realized it was a huge pile of poo. CE is worthless and prone to data loss constantly.

Yes but honestly compared to other POS software offerings that are on par with SambaPOS $249 one time payment is practically giving it away for free. Heck most other POS companies wont even let you use theirs for 3 months at that pricee

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I totally agree SambaPOS has really been great in my initial days as I was new in food business its simple reports also helped me to understand customer demands and trends .:slight_smile:
I never felt need to look for any other POS
and when this data glitch started happening I stopped using it …but now we are renovating changing our menu as well so I thought to work on it all over again
lets see with all the renovation cost If I could manage the budget will definitely go for V5 :slight_smile:
Also to let you know our use of POS is limited for billing purpose and to keep customer account for some of the guests … we dont use it for KOTs or kitchen screen