Change action of Round Button to Print Invoice Action

I have a printer template+printer job+printer configuration with a invoice format (like ticket but with more data), my question is need change the Round button action (and name) to send this aditional print when pay a cash (same to ticket). how change the action of this button?

I have a “Action” call “Execute Factura Print” with the command to print but unknow how asign the action to this button, I see the button but nothing print.

You want a paid ticket print?
You could just put the action on a rule with event of payment processed… Does that sound any good to you?
A print printed before payment processed will not show the payment - unless you go back to the ticket once payment has been made (or at least thats my understanding)

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tanks I resolve the problem, just add a action and after asing a new rule, and in the rule add the Automation Command Name and in action “execute Factura” and is done. I try to understand the structure of Samba, now is working.