Change Customer Account Status?

When an item is settled using the Customer Account the outstanding balance goes on to the Customers Account. I’ve added one item to the amount of 60.00 to customer Joe Bloggs.


If I click find ticket you can see the status of the ticket is paid. Is there any way of changing this from paid because it is not paid until the Customer settles his account.

The ticket is paid. The account is what paid it.
You reconcile the account not the ticket.


So if a frequent customer pays $50 of his $60 balance will you reject it? He can pay remaining $10 on his next visit or may never pay it. Should ticket remain paid or unpaid? On the other hand that $60 balance might be 2 or 5 tickets. Matching late payments to exact ticket amounts is not something possible in real life usage and that’s the primary reason of implementing Accounting Module instead of just solving it in tickets. :wink:


O.K thanks for explaining. If a Customer never returned to pay the account balance what is best way to write it off?

Leave the account as it is.

Create a Write-off Account, Transaction Type and Document.


As you can see it’s really up to you how you write it off. I personally just leave it. But like Q just showed you can automate a write off account.

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