Change Database Connection Tutorial


Changing between databases on the fly without the need to restart SambaPOS with a push of a button. Had this request from a client (to check old reports, accounts etc) so decided to share it on the forum since there is no actual tutorial for this.


  1. SQL Server Express 2014 - 2017

  2. Custom Navigation Screen

  3. SambaPOS 5.3.0 (tested on it)



Action - Change Database Connection

Name: Change Database Connection
Save To Local Settings: [:SaveToLocalSettings T/F]
user Pin: [:UserPIN]
Reset To Default Connection: [:ResetToDefaultConnection T/F]

Action - Logout User

Name: Logout User
Reset Cache: True
Logout Admin: True

Automation Commands

Automation Command - SQL Connection String

Name: SQL Connection String
Category: Navigation
Button Header: SQL String

Navigation Settings Template:

<size 46><sym></sym></size>

<size 48><bold>SQL String</bold></size>


Rule - SQL Connection String

Name: AMC SQL String
Event Name: Automation Command Executed
Custom Constraints: Execute rule if Matches
Automation Command Name Equals SQL Connection String


Change Database Connection

Data Source=DESKTOP-TFJ218C\SAMBAPOS; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=[?Database;;{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT name FROM master.sys.databases WHERE database_id > 4 ORDER BY|};OCS;]

SaveToLocalSeetings T/F: True
User PIN:
ResetToDefaultConnection T/F:

Execute Automation Command
Command Name: Logout User

Rule - Logout User

Name: AMC Logout User
Event Name: Automation Command Executed
Custom Constraints: Execute rule if Matches
Automation Command Name Equals Logout User


Logout User

Import File

Change SQL Connection (1.3 KB)


You should know it may cause you to have to reactivate licenses. But great tutorial.

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Yeah I was thinking the same. I did something similar before for switching db on a demo system, and it will go back to trial after doing it a few times.

I dont think my client will use it very often but more so than him, I will use when I copy scripts, reports & other stuff from database to database. Cuts down those 10-20 seconds of restarting Samba.


I also need to warn you that if license is not a fresh license… if database had a license on it at some point but it got messed up due to switching databases you cant just press activate again. You will need to go through a process of logging out, uninstalling license, clear license key, close sambapos, reopen sambapos install license, close sambapos, restart sambapos, login, close sambapos restart sambapos, and then press activate.

Typically the smooth ability to just press activate works on fresh installs where a license was never applied to a database. I am not trying to discourage this tutorial I just want to make sure anyone following it understands what could happen.

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Yes I have used this type process in dev stuff for a long time now. It really helps and you built a nice tutorial.

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Eh, something to fiddle with :slight_smile: