Change date format on Reports

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to change date format on Report. I need it changed to MM-DD-YYYY.


Always confuse me dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyy, I think we should use worldwide standard yyyy-mm-dd.

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Well in the US we are mostly used to seeing MM-DD-YYYY

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I need it to show MM-DD-YYYY. This is the format used in US. It’s confusing for people that have never used DD-MM-YYYY format. :frowning:


I don’t think there is a way to change that but what you can do is create your own Report Viewer screen using an Entity Screen and widgets/actions. Its work yes but when done you can have a screen that is a lot more flexible and more powerful including the ability to load reports with any date range not just be confined to work periods.

I would be nice if date picker can be linked to Override Windows Regional Settings. We are getting more and more US users.

Maybe @emre is watching. :slight_smile:

I am guessing there must be a reason the fields on report (and account) screens can’t use date pickers. I posted about this before and the result was the date pickers on the ticket lister got updated but not on the report or account screens.


Thanks Mark. I totally agree with your post. +1.


I agree too, a consistent approach across all and the calendar idea would be ideal for touchscreens :grinning:

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while we are at it, please add preset range “This Year” and “Last Year”. :slight_smile:

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I think I can release 5.1.61 as we started discussing non critical issues…

OK seriously… The reason I didn’t changed date editors is Date Picker works great for touchscreens but it really performs poorly on typing date ranges. I originally took the idea from google analytics. When I want days from 5 to 10 I just type 5 <tab> 10 <tab> <enter> and report comes. Similarly when I want 15 Jan to 20 Jan I type 15 1 <tab> 20 1 <tab> <enter>. It is really hard to select previous months with picker because of the bad design of the picker that exists in my UI lib. I thought to reimplement a picker for my own but it is really a lot of programming without depending on an UI library. The simplest solution will be just replacing them. However please compare both by selecting a date range from ticket explorer and report by typing dates to understand my concern. I don’t know maybe I like to type dates because of my old habits and it is not something that needs to be thought a lot.

PS: I reviewed google analytics and they seem to change it to a picker instead… hmm…


I have been using 5.1.61 in production since it came out. No issues whatsoever. I use virtual work periods and everything is great. In my opinion, Ticket Explorer date picker is much better for touch screens. We no longer use external keyboards. If possible, please change the date to MM-DD-YYYY for US since it causing confusion for people that have never seen the date displayed DD-MM-YYYY.

As always, thank you in advance for listening and being attentive to this community.

Then well get confused in UK :stuck_out_tongue:
It would make sense to either match windows regional settings or my choice would be SQL standard YYYY-MM-DD


I’m in Canada. It even worst. Official format like UK DD-MM-YYYY but we are so close to US and lot of US here. It always mixed format. I really have no idea when I see old bills what format they use lol. So, I use YYYY-MM-DD for my bill to get rid of confusion.

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So I need to clean it up and make it prettier but check this crude demo out. Ignore the Date Picker thats static that was a test. Yes it says delivery date I used @emre 's example and did not edit the file yet.


Actually I never tried like that, but yeah it’s quite fast. But I think the main issue is if you are using touchscreen and not keyboard, it’s not easy. This was the main issue I was facing.

Not sure if I am missing something here, but I assume the date picker you have in the UI lib is the same one used for the ticket lister? It works quite easy IMO to select previous months / years:

Is it not possible to just add the date picker to the fields but keep them as is, so it works best for everyone - those who want to keep using keyboard in current way can, and then there is the date picker for those who want it or are using touch.


Ok quick cleanup to demonstrate.

I used single date for simplicity but we can actually use it to pick a range as well.


I don’t mean to have it hard-coded. I am sure Emre will come up with something that satisfies both side of the Atlantic. :slight_smile:

Another update:

Next update I will change it so it can pick a range. I might look for a more touch friendly calendar app too.


Yes it works great for Touch Screen but I don’t like how it works when you try to type the date. Some old SambaPOS users uses it like that. I’m not sure if they’ll like picker or not.

I don’t know how I’ll be able to use just the picker but not the editor. Of course this is about solving it fast. If it is not something too serious I’ll prefer to deal with it later. There is a static separate date picker but I think I’ll need to have some custom code to replace just the editor. If it is urgent I can just replace it just like the ticket lister.

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