Change Item name

How can i create a button to change item’s name?? There’s a “change price” but i cant find a button that allows you to modify the item’s name.


The item name is fixed. You can change items, but not their name.

Could you give an example of why you would need this ?

because sometimes I cook things that are not on the menu and would be nice to have the button to change item’s name because maybe i just will cook it once…

It would be very useful because i dont have to go to “manage> products >add product…etc” every time that i have this kind of request…

Also “Add item button” will work too…

hope you understand me cause my english is bad srry

Create a Misc item and use Order Tags set to free tagging to enter a name. If you set no price, you can use the NumberPad to enter a price then select Misc product to set the price.

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