Change Log.TXT location

I can’t backup db or activate my account. It says “Access to C:\User\Users\Document\SambaPOS\Log.txt is denied”

I already set permission for that file with everybody access but still failed.

How I can change the location of the file?

Database backup location setting is in


Your issue most definitely has to do with windows file security. Check our settings on the folder again.

There is a lot of confusion about this and how to setup permissions. You need to add specifically the SQL Server user that SQL Server runs under to have access to that folder.

To do that you do the following:

Right click the folder you want to backup to and select properties then navigate to Security tab.

Click Edit for the users section and ADD a new user

Type the following into the box to search for the user the service is using for that instance.

NT SERVICE\MSSQL$yourinstancename

As you see in the pic my instance is sambapos

Give the user permissions to write to that folder

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Seem still not working. I have set the security as suggested.

Actually my apps work well but it stop working after Oct 2020

the error says app unable to access log.txt file. now I can’t even activate my license after renew.

Which config files that I can edit to change the location of log.txt file? I don’t want to put it in user’s folder.

Was the directory typed as it doesnt match the directory in screenshot.

OK. I manage to resolve the issue. It happen due to antivirus activity. I have to set SambaPOS app in exception setting.

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