Change name samba pos

hello everyone.
is there any possibility to change name . reference to attached pic.

You can not change the program name. Why do you need such a thing?

i have a costumer to whom i am going to sale this software on meeting all his requirements/functions with services facility. he is agree on this. but i dont want let him know the name of this software.

Knowing the program’s name does not change anything. We sell hundreds of customers, thanks to the name of the program. The program name does not hinder sales, but rather it allows us to make successful sales.

i have another problem in this program. ticket no continuously running in series even i start or end period. i want reset ticket no when i end the period. as well as i wish to see total no of ticket on my printed receipt. help me out in this.

You cannot change the name of the program to sell it like it was yours that is stealing.

By design ticket no won’t reset. You can create your own resetting number using Update Program Setting action.