Change Price List Action

Hi @emre

Ok I have uncovered some yuk stuff with this Action. It seems after my exclusive use of Custom Product Tags that Price Definitions would of been a better practise but obviously there are not many using Price Definitions.

GIF with Issues:
1. Price Action Rule does not Operate until Log Out;
2. Price Definition does not revert to “Price” or Default after Logout or Shutdown;
3. Persistence Error with Original Menu popping Up with Food after Adding an Item or Closing a Ticket - this has been in system since day 1 but typically only occurs when you come out of Management.

It seems if you press “Bar” Department TAB the correct Price List is activated.

Logging Back in after Shutdown:


Change price list action is department based not ticket based. It basically implemented to change whole prices of department due to a happy hour or for something similar so it updates prices for all terminals.

This tutorial might give idea about alternative uses.

I can see why @QMcKay designed his Happy Hour around Custom Tags but my issue is the handling of Portions? You cannot have Custom Tags or Portions.

Price definitions which carry Portions seem to be the only way to single out a Product using Portions where a Portion carried a few pricing levels such as “Price”, “Take Away”, “Happy Hour” etc.

Below is the sample Price List Editor:

Just makes sense and find it strange there is very little on Price Definitions?

I didn’t understand. Doesn’t tutorial cover your case? Maybe you can tell more details about what is not working.

Ok Thanks @emre - I will study that Tutorial closely and refit my flow.


  1. I assume if you change the Price Definition and there is no price entered, the default “Price” will be used? Tutorial suggests YES.
  2. Is it possible to for the reason why the Test Data Food Menu pops up after a come out of Management. The backup you have will do it.
  3. Is the Price Definition suppose to stay after Logout or should it reset to Normal. Obviously if it is still Happy Hour then it will revert from Normal to HHH after reclogging back in.
  4. Is there a way to access {DEPARTMENT} outside of a Ticket?

Apart from these questions above if you could answer when you have time, I going to mark this as a Question, sorry bout that!

The Tutorial shows Order Line and Ticket based scenarios which is fantastic. What if I was to use the “Price List Action” based on department to Trigger a Happy Hour - when or how do you do it?

From the GIF I posted I see no difference to Pressing the Menu Command Option “Take Out” (could be Happy Hour) to activate the new pricing level as the time might of become Happy Hour? So should the prices for new Orders appear automatically as Happy Hour and not require Update Order ACTION with a [:Price Tag]?

OK, Ok @emre I think I understand now :smile:
I would suggest the best use for “Price List” ACTION would be a FUNCTION whereas the venue was hosting a party, wedding and prices are reflected at the Start of the Function when either Logging in or Changing Department.

I think the Action should be accompanied with a Change Department or Refresh Department is there is such a thing as the new Price Level is picked up straight away. If you remain in the Department and do not change the old pricing will REMAIN until User moves Department :wink: