Change price to 0 with calculations causes tax divide by 0 crash


I hoping emre does some work on discounts in v6 as the reset ticket option of apply callculation is a ball ache, it interfered with autoselect and other automation and if you don’t reset it doesn’t refresh on screen or changing portion/selecting tag unselects order. What should be simple automation becomes hard on a more built up system.


I read the entire Topic. I understand all that. Please provide a sample of what you think might be happening, in the sequence in which you think it happens.

Show your Calculation Type configuration.

Possibly there could be a workaround using calculation set to “Custom”, or using a Calc Processor, but the problem must be fully understood first.

For example, we know that Tax is Product-based, and Calcs are Ticket-based, and Calcs can operate with or without Tax consideration.


I prevented “divide by zero” crash but I’m not sure if it calculates tax as expected in your case. I’ll be glad to know if you notice something related after next update.

SambaPOS 5.2.8 Release