Change Product Tag if Department

Hi everybody,

I have another question, can i change product tag (specified in reports) if sale was made on DELIVERY Department.

To make it clear, i have 2 departments LOCAL and DELIVERY (product tag 1 and 2 necessary for fiscal printer which are changed on printer template) and i need to change product tag on every order which is placed on DELIVERY department - and saved with that product tag in reports.

Can anybody give me an advice? Thanks!

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So you have 2 order tags right? Delivery and Local?
And you need to apply the corresponding tag to orders added to the ticket depending on which department is in use?

If so have an order added rule with constraint for department Local and action to tag order as local, and repeat for delivery? Sound close?

Yes, this is what i need.
Actually i don’t need to change when it’s local, i need to change only when it’s delivery department. (just one rule)