Change Samba header

At first confused, then with a little time and passion, and with the support of the Samba community, I have managed to build my restaurant in samba to my need, congratulations Samba Forum. now I want to know, can you put the name of my restaurant in the header?

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You can’t change that. You can put it in the login screen though.

In root sambapos/images folder replace logo.png with yours

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Yes, I have already achieved that, I only asked if it could be put in the header, thank you very much for answering, have an excellent day.

I have seen all their instructions and definitely they are impressive, I know that it is not part of this issue, you can help me with a detail that I need to finalize in my Samba, it is with respect to a promotion, buy 5 coca cola and gift 1, I have working when I reach number 6 one is automatically given away, what I want to achieve is that it is divided into a combo with a fixed price, Eye, the product is the same, also to appear in the print. Greetings and I hope you continue to support beginners, that is not forgotten.

There’s an action, Update Application Subtitle, that will allow you to place text, centred, underneath the title bar. Then use a rule that fires on the Application Started event to set the subtitle.

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