Change Table adds order to both tables

Hey guys, this might be a mistake on my part but ive got a strange behavior with change table.
Ive got a setup with 2 entity screens.
Outside Tables & inside tables.
They both have their own entities created and ticket type allows switching between either entity screen.

The strange behavior is… when you open a table inside, and press “Select Outside” it shows outside tables. Select one and the ticket suddenly has both table numbers on them and both have same order on them. The only way to fix this is, one table outside is selected, you open the table again, this time click “Change inside” and press the ‘X’ to remove the table. Then you only have 1 table selected on ticket.

Is this normal? Or have i done something wrong or missed something?

That’s normal. Your not changing table your selecting a new one from a different type. Instead of using a different type just use a different screen and define a system for the two areas like Outside 1 Inside 1


@Shivan - disapointed with the school boy question :stuck_out_tongue: thought you were better than that :wink:

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You don’t need to create separate entity types for inside / outside tables. Create separate entity screens and select related entities.


I knew it was a beginners mistake haha. All good thanks for the help, i’ll fix the rookie error :slight_smile:

That is interesting because I recently saw multiple people did the same mistake. Do we have a documentation or a post leads to that mistake?

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I think it’s usually a misunderstanding in that it’s needed to have separate entity screens.

I felt it was required at the time it as that way when you go to select entities for that screen, it brings the appropriate entity list.

For example when I created an entity list for outside and for inside, and i created a separate entity screen for each one and assigned the entity for them accordingly, when you select entity, it shows the list of entities specific to that inside or outside, instead of having all of them under 1(Which mind you is stil a good idea).

I just thought that when changing tables and select a table on a different entity screen, it would apply that one and remove the old one, but i didn’t realize that it won’t do it automatically if the entity group is different. That is my rookie mistake. I should be ashamed

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