Change table button or move order not updating Entity

I removed the tables from the ticket type to create a ‘change table’ automation button. However, I am encountering difficulty in maintaining the entity of the table when moving orders. When attempting to change a table and then deciding to go back using the arrow without changing the entity, it removes the entity from the ticket…only when i choose a new entity then it updates to that entity


i decide to implement this so my waiters can’t change tables only the admin can.

is there a way i can fix this or another way so my waiters can’t access only the change table button

In Entity Type List settings of Ticket Types, you need to add Tables type entity and put a checkbox in Copy column.

Without that set and Copy selected, it will not “Copy” the entity type it was using before the Move or Add Ticket

if i do that it will make the button visible to my waiters and i dont want waiters to be able to change tables, thats why im trying to make the change table button thru autommation rule

You can control that with user roles and permissions. Or you need to expand your automation to store entity and reassign it after moved. And will need to redo your change entity flow. It will get quite complex. I suggest you try role permissions first.

i tried the role permission but it disables the customers then my waiters wont be able to select or change Customer


Is there a difference between… Can remove Entity from ticket …and …Can change ticket entity…

is there a work around for this

There is a difference, one will allow you to remove entity. As in if its already selected.

The other will allow you to change Ticket Entity once the ticket is created.