Change Table button unavailable

Hi just doing final testing and have noticed that the ‘Change Table’ button on the ticket screen is now greyed out.

Where do I change the mappings for this?

Also we don’t use customer entities - how can I un-map the ‘Select Customer’ Button?

Thanks as always


That may happen if there is no suitable table selection entity screen mapped to that ticket type.

Edit related Ticket Type and switch to Entity Type List page to change mapped entity types for that ticket type.

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HI @emre
I was able to remove the ‘Select’ customer button but have still got the ‘change table’ button greyed out.
I have compared the Entity type list against a Database that doesn’t show the button greyed out and they are the same.

I am still stuck!

Thanks for your help

@emre - I have just spotted my mistake - I had the entities themselves set to the wrong entity type! Thanks