Change Table Button

Hello there;
Thank you very much for this nice software.

I’m using V5.
My Question Change Table button on.
How can authorize the Change Table button? I do not want to use the waiter.

The change table button is the select table button and access to entity screen so if they cant access the entity screen they wont be able to open ticket via the table and add orders.

You might be able to configure something like this using custom entity screen but you would need to then set all the entity selection automation in order to disallow the ability to change entity but still allow select/open entity ticket.

This is all based on a guess of what your workflow is, the flexibility of the system means that you could have a completely different workflow than what I am imagining you have.

Hi @JTRTech , Is it possible to rename the change table button?

No you cant just rename it.

You can change/remove/edit entities but the select or change prifix to the entity name is hardcoded by language.
More info would be better as why and what to you want to change?
Alternative might be some alternative automation to using entity screen, depends what you want to do.

Hi , i solved that issue. I just wanted to add arabic. I renamed the entity to arabic.