Change table color after X minutes of bill printed

Hello everyone.
Here is what i want to do:
Costumer requested bill, Table changes to red, as default. After 10 minutes without any action on that ticket, the table changes color to something else.
I’m sure thats possible with sambapos, but i have no idea how to do this.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

What would the purpose for auto changing color be?

To make it easy for the cashier to identify a table that she didn’t received the payment for. we have 30+ tables and sometimes we have new people working as waiter that we dont know a lot about, and its a open area with waiter being global. with this kind of early warning we could identify the problem sooner.

Bill requested status of red is meant to show bill requested but not paid yet. How are you using it?

I mean if you see Red table it means it’s not paid but they requested the bill.

lets suppose that we have 35 tables with clients. and after some time they start to request bill. sometimes 5 clients request their bill at the same time. the cashier start to receive the payments and the table is settled. New clients start to sit on the tables, and new clients start to request new bills at the same time. so every time there is a table in red state on the screen on rush hour.
Here is what happened last Saturday: Table 19 requested their bill and after 2 hours we realized that there is no one sited on it. no new client sited on this table so we couldn’t identify that we didn’t receive that payment on time.

I probably would have left if nobody checked in with me after 2 hours lol.

I’m not sure if additional automation can fix that or not. But maybe you could use timer to set another state when timer expires.

Here we have a tutorial to customize button captions. So you can use {ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} tag to display wait time in minutes on buttons.

There is no built in feature to define time based button colors but it might be possible by using custom formatters (like <block> or <panel>) and some JScript code. We discussed something similar with kitchen displays to change duration font depending on waiting time but unfortunately that is not released as a tutorial as we replaced it task widgets.