Change Table color when specific product is added

Hello Community,
I’m adding a computer screen on kitchen, for the staff to know when we have a all-you-can-eat client on our restaurant, and for how long he’s eating so we can control the flow of food.
in my current setup, it displays the time since opened. for this to work, i need to setup two different colors for each all-you-can-eat types we have. so the staff can easily see how much time the client is eating and which type of all-you-can-eat he is in.
Can anyone give me a direction ?

One Second Option would be to filter all orders in entity screen except the two all-you-can-eat client products, and then follow this tutorial below to enable color changing with time. the simplest solution would be enough for me

Please, This is Very important for me, and i have no idea how to archive it. =/

Entity formatting is based on states by default, you would need to work out a method for this, since you wouldn’t want to mess with default status state you would be better to create a secondary version of status, duplicating the update points for most of the default status events and adding an order added update one for your product.
A simpler alternative might be to not use colour and have text value in the formatting using a report expression to check that entities open tickets for that product (note if you have allot of entities this may make screen loading a little slower.