Change table questions

Two Sambapos each, were installed on a different computer.

The above image was installed with default settings. (image-1)
Sambapos can be installed with default settings are Change table.

The image below Compact SQL4.0, SQL Server Local DB was installed to except. (image-2)
Compact SQL4.0, SQL Server Local DB Sambapos installed two sets of except does not Change table.

I want to be a Change table.
What should I do?

Check your Entities and Entity type. Change Table button unavailable

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Do you have an entity screen for Table entity type?

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I Have entity screen



Can you show the entity screen and its settings?

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Interest is appreciated.
See the image below






You created an entity type called All Tables and assigned it to the entity screen that shown on last image.

Entity Types should be like Tables, Customers, Waiters, etc…
All Tables should be an Entity -Selection- Screen that displays Table entities.

To create different table selection screens you need to create entity screens not entity types.


Dear emer Thank you so much~
i’m Fix this problem.

It was my mistake.

What is point of Tables and All Tables enitity types?

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