Change Tax Based on Payment Method

Hi everyone,
PRA (Punjab Revenue Authority) Pakistan, has introduced two tax categories for cash and card based payments. If the payment is cash default GST is 17%, 5% if you pay by Credit Card to encourage people to use card payments.

I have done some automation in the following way:

  1. Define Automation Command
  2. Define the Action
  3. Bind the Automation Command and Action in a Rule
  4. Connect that Automation Command to a Payment Processor in Payment Types for Tickets.
    (I have added the screenshots)

Unfortunately, Samba isn’t doing the 5% tax on ticket total. It crashes when ‘Pay by Card’ button is clicked.

The desired total should be 112 Rs.


You have a loop, action is executing the same rule it is in…

Where in that has any impact on tax?

So are prices inc or exc tax? Presumeably excluding and total chances rsther than inc and just your tax liability reducing.

@JTRTech so how should I define the rule and action in this state?

I will try to work on something for you in the next few weeks. A couple questions:

  1. Is it correct to assume there is no tax per item (order item)? Just on payment method?
  2. Do you know if you will be asking for the payment method before entering your first item or before they pay the bill?
    OR Will you presenting the customer with the bill before payment? Do you want/need to receipt to show the 2 different payment tax options?
  3. Is it allowed to pay the bill with both payment methods (split payments)?

As @Jesse mentioned in another topic, using a Calculation Type would probably be the best option.

Dont reallyunderstand what you hoping that will do.
You curently have buttin to execute payment command with a rule for payment command with an execute automation action to execute payment command… see what i mean?