Change the default menu

We have a special menu this Saturday. How can I make this menu the default? I’ve tried changing settings, ticket type and menu mapping; none of those change anything. I have rebooted the program each time. I think there must be a simple way, I don’t need to auto switch according to time or have it on a fast menu. Just choose a menu for one day and the next day, go back to the usual menu. Any thoughts, most welcome.

You can assign the menu you want to use in departments.

Thank you for replying. I tried that before and I’ve just tried it again, and restarted SambaPos but, it makes no difference.

You can change the menu via automation based on the day or date. If you’re open past midnight, let me know, and I’ll whip something up for Sunday.


Action Name: CM Change Menu
Action Type: Change Screen Menu
Screen Menu Name: [:Menu Name]


Rule Name: CM Change Menu
Event Name: Ticket Created
Custom Constraints List:
Execute Rule if Matches
Custom Constraints:
For day of the week (or the three-character abbreviation for Saturday in your local language):
'{DATE:ddd}' [EQUALS] 'Sat'

for specific date (e.g. this Saturday):
'{DATE:yyyy-MM-dd}' [EQUALS] '2021-08-07'

CM Change Menu
Menu Name: <menu name here>

Thank you so much. I’ll try that tonight when we’ve finished work.

I didn’t do it the other night, too knackered. I have followed your instructions to the letter today though, including the apostrophes ( E.G. ‘{DATE:yyyy-MM-dd}’ [EQUALS] ‘2021-08-07’).

In the menu list, I have a menu called Soiree

In ticket type the POS menu is Soiree

I changed the PC’s date to the 7th and restarted SambaPos with a new work period.

Nothing has changed, still the old menu. What have I missed?

Thanks for your guidance.


I have just been checking my work. The rule doesn’t exist, I’m sure I saved it but, maybe not. However, there is a rule called ‘Switch Menu’, maybe I should try that?

The CM Change Menu rule is there now without the apostrophes/quotation marks. It still doesn’t change the menu though.

Just tested and it works - check your action make sure it looks similar to this:

Then check your rule to look something like this:

I have changed the event to user log in rather than ticket created (ticket created will only work when a product is first added with my flow)

Make sure your menu name matches exactly what you have called your new test menu (mine is called GloriaFood)

Also make sure you use' not ’

You don’t need to change the date on your PC to check - just change the date in the rule constraint.

You have an underscore between CM and Change Menu is that significant?

no the name of the action and rule don’t really matter - its just what i use to help me differentiate between different systems I have put in place.
That way when I am working on a new flow I can quickly filter the new rules and actions I have created when editing them.

For example here I search for ST_ to show only the rules that have ST_ in their name

Well, I tried with and without underscores. No joy so far; is there something else forcing Samba to default to ‘Menu’? I have followed your instructions.

Try removing the rule constraint - log out then log back in - does that work?

Nope. I’ll just change menu to suit the special evening and change it back again on Sunday morning. Thanks for trying.

Nizamettin from SambaPos has solved it (in a few minutes!) he has asked me to show you this screen shot:

Glad you got it sorted :+1:

No screenshot in your post :joy:

Just set default ticket type and map menu to that. for entity screen.

Just about to show my colleague how to place orders. No good. Why do I get “Licence not found” when I log on to SambaPos from the tablet.

I mean, I can’t access SambaPos from the tablet “Licence not found”.

Hello @chef, when I connected to your system I noticed that your license has dropped.

After reactivating the license, the mobile client connected back.

Also noticed that you changed the database after I made some changes, as a result of this situation those changes were gone.

Therefore I added again the rule for Menu Switching configuration which can be seen in the below image.