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I have been trying to test the change price button and I have a question about it. Changing the price button changes the price of the base product but it doesn’t change the price included with Ordertags. I want to change the main price of a product with all included. Is there anyway to do that ? Any help would be great I am kinda desperate here.

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To change the total order price with priced order tags?
Try selecting the option to add tag price to order price, it wont show the individual tag prices but add them to the order total price, then change that?
Havn’t tested but imagine what your saying is change price only changed the actual order line and tag prices remain the same…

Thanks for the reply ! add tag price to order tag is already selected. As I told Change Price button only changes the Product Price not the Order Price. As an example, Icecream that costs 1$ and extra topping cost 0.50$ total = 1.50$ … If i want to change price to 2$ it changes into price of 2.50 because it changes the base product price to 2 and Plus 0.50$ of order tag. Not the whole price. I hope you can understand what i am trying to say

Hmmm. OK Understand, I dont use allot of order tags at the moment so not most versed in them.
Looking at the setup the change order price button seems to use a ‘Ticket Command’ action.
Havn’t tried it and it may not solve but you could try setting a ‘non default’ change price button using an update order action with price which looks at the numberpad.
Cant say for sure if it will work - am not at my desk to try im affaid.

Thanks alot @JTRTech Ill give it a try.

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Great, let me know how you get on.
If it does work put together a quick tutorial with some screenshots, sure there will be others looking to achive the same thing.

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