Change the status of a ticket once closed

You’re ready to change the status of a ticket once closed?
I would do this:
report the payment of a ticket on an account and have a screen that shows me the clients who have to pay

There is a lot of info here:

hop this helps!!!


I’m working with v3.
I would simply do this:
when a ticket is paid status becomes “Paid”
now using a button I wish it was changed to “Delivered”
all this ticket closed

When ticket gets paid Mark Ticket as Closed action executes automatically to close & lock ticket. After ticket closes you can’t change ticket status. So instead of executing this action automatically you can execute it when you click “Delivered” button.

But so I can not close the period of work

@spanky I’ve implemented pre-order feature just for you to solve your reservation issue but it seems you can’t upgrade to V4 because of the lack of multi language support. I’ll try to release it faster.

is not a very important thing!
in v4 are able to do so,
I can wait.
I thank you for the work and support they give to the forum

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