Change Ticket Entity action doesn't seem to fire

Hello World,
I’ve been all over the forums for the last week, and haven’t been able to find anything helpful.

I’m essentially implementing the custom package delivery for v5 tutorial, but I’m doing things a little bit differently since I’m delivering chicken wings instead of packages. I only have unassigned and assigned tickets, when a ticket is paid (remaining balance = 0) I mark the ticket unassigned and then when a driver is selected on the delivery screen, the driver should have their Driver entity changed, which will trigger a state change from unassigned to assigned.

I know my Command Button I’m clicking to assign the driver is sending the Driver’s name and ticket Id to the “Handle Driver Command” rule. I know the ticket is getting loaded since I can use my “Show Message” action to display {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Name} HOWEVER, I can’t seem to get my Drivers entity to update for my ticket. Even if I hard code a known entity name, even if I set it to Create Entity = TRUE…I can NOT get the entity to change. Here come the screenshots.

Please, any advice would be appreciated, I’ve been stuck on this for over a week.

This is how my command buttons are set up. Note I’m using only the first name of the second driver thinking it was an issue with white space. ( updated the related entity, and even tried hardcoding the entire chain of events regarding the entity change )

Here’s my delivery ticket type, demonstrating that these tickets do indeed have the Drivers Entity Type.

Here’s my Drivers Entity Type

Here’s the actual Change Ticket Entity action that appears to not fire, whether hardcoded or not.

Here’s the rule that should be triggering the above action (the rule is executing as you’ll see from my final screenshot)

And finally, here’s what I get when I actually click a ticket and a driver, sending the automation command

As you can see from the rule definition, the last “and” in the dialog message should be followed by the name of the Drivers entity, defined in the Show Message action as {ENTITY DATA:Drivers:Name} which should have a valid value after executing the change ticket entity action.

Please help!

You realize that custom package is a term for food? I mean it doesnt matter if its chicken wings or pizza or a box of turds… I am curious why do you need to change it up for chicken wings?

Is your ticket locked?

I suspect following rules are missing:

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Only because of the way that the restaurant operates. We don’t need three different states, only two. Unassigned, and Assigned. Everything works up until the Action that should change the ticket entity fails. I have tried putting an unlock ticket action before the change ticket entity action, but still nothing

I have both of those rules, the only difference is that my “Update Paid Delivery Ticket Status” rule updates the status to Unassigned. We close out tickets at order time, so when the ticket is closed out, receipt prints in the kitchen, and ticket changes to unassigned state. This currently works fine, as my tickets are being displayed in my ticket lister, filtered by state “Unassigned”

The “Update Ticket Status when Deliverer selected” rule is never firing because the change ticket entity action is never changing the ticket entity. I do indeed have this exact rule however.

It seems like the point of failure is the Change Ticket Entity action. Everything up until that point works as expected.

What sort of test can I perform, which should never fail, that will just prove to me that I’m capable of changing a ticket entity? I’m a developer by trade, so I’m not unfamiliar with debugging practices, I’m just relatively new to SambaPOS. If I could get the Change Ticket Entity action to do anything at all, I think I could probably work up the chain and figure the rest out, I just can’t get that action to do anything.

Also, n00b question for a second. How do I access the rule debugger?

I really appreciate the help

you need have something like below for “Update Paid Delivery Ticket Status”

Create an Action for Show Message, using something like [:messageToShow] for the Message Parameter.

Put that action in a Ticket Entity Changed Rule with no constraints, and have it show a message like:

Ticket Entity Changed: [:EntityTypeName] [:EntityName]

The Show Message Action is your best trouble-shooting and development tool for ironing out your Automation flows.

Thanks, I’ll try that this evening and post results

you need have something like below for “Update Paid Delivery Ticket Status”

I do have that first rule. It correctly updates the ticket’s delivery status to “Unassigned” when the ticket is closed out.
I don’t have the second rule, “Update new Delivery Ticket Status” because I don’t have a “Waiting” state. I have “Unassigned” which happens when the ticket is paid for, and I have “Assigned” which is when you’ve selected a driver for the order. This isn’t so much a driver dispatch system, as much as it is a driver checkout at the end of the night system.

Because It was override by Unassigned and Assigned which is happen after Ticket Create Event.