Change Ticket Entity Action not passing value to entity screen

I try to use Change Ticket Entity Action but I can’t get it to work on my current database but the same rule/action work on default database. I tried using rule debugger but it yield nothing as fas as I can tell. Any ideas?

BTW, I want to use this action to pass customer search value from File Monitor Device. I am not sure what action should be used. Any suggestion?

EDIT: It will not pass value if Entity Screen View Mode is Custom. See solution in Post 4

Rule Debugger / Entity Screen



A Rule using event for Device Event Generated would be used. Then an Action for Execute Script that uses JS to read the file using the file.X Helper, and parse out the data.

I cannot re-produce your issue … appears to work with Customer Search Entity Screen …

Hmm, I create another entity screen with View Mode: Search and it works.
I does not work with current View Mode: Custom with Search Widget.

@QMcKay Could you please try it with View mode Custom? Or how can I pass the value to Search Widget?

Use Set Widget Value Action …

:warning: to use this Action, you must ensure you give your Widget a Name …