Change Ticket State only if Bar and Kitchen Orders Served?

Hello @JTRTech I have a custom state already…

OK, so just update that in flow.
Look through default rules for where normal state values are updated for trigger points.
As for filtering based on orders use a report order qty expression filtered on a factor like group or custom product tag to check is applicable items in ticket.

hello @JTRTech im dont know so much how to use report tags.

Its on forum, sure I posted examples from my receipt template totaling food and drink and loyalty discounts.

Here is my food/drink split

Obviously would need to adjust to your needs.

Are you asking to change the Ticket State or Order State for each item?

If it’s Order State:
Do you use a kitchen printer or kitchen display? All all items served at once for bar orders and/or kitchen orders?

ok i am working now with the task editor widget to make that hapend, how i can filter the orders for bar and kitchen or drinks and food. like emre showed it on this release: SambaPOS 5.1.62 Release ?

On this page, #4.34:

ok and if i dont use the mobile app?

It will still work.

You can look at #4.32 on the same link. It looks like it uses separate screens for drink and food…but not a waiter section

Or take a look at this one, it uses food and drink on the same screen (and no waiter section):

Im right that the first 3 scripts in 4.34 i dont need if i dont use the mobile apps?

I don’t know for sure…I did go through that tutorial 1 time (with the scripts). I ended up going with a different kitchen display. You can try with out the scripts and see what will happen. If it doesn’t work then try adding them in.

ok i played with the tutorial and works fine, but im interesting an something diferent…
i have two Order States one for Kitchen and one for Bar for example: Kitchen Food->Ready and Bar Drinks->Ready. Only if both Order States are Ready then Change a Ticket State to Ready. But sometimes i have only Food or only Drinks…i dont know if you understand my question?..

Would need to see your rule where you need to decide this constraint but would be achiveable.
Do you have a not ready state as if so that would be easier do a constraint against not ready but can do with just ready but would be more complex constraint.

for example an AMC where the waiter marks the Orders “Served”. Yes i have States like KStatus=NewOrder -> KStatus=Preparation -> KStatus=Ready -> KStatus=Served for example.

Dificult to show you a rule at the moment…or more precisely a good example…

There is a report ticket orders qty expression, use that with order state filter/constraint to count orders of particular state.

Hello @JTRTech can you show me an example please how to write that?

from what you have told me no. Lol

:sweat_smile: both :stuck_out_tongue: how to use the report ticket orders qty exp. and how to write down it in the constrain

This is my food drink split from ticket template, uses value rather than qty but same result for your purpose.
I have a coding state for another part of system and fopd/drink sllit calculated using these states.

If you really wanted quantity pretty sure its just QUANTITY instead of TOTAL and obviously loose the FF wrap since its not a money value.