Change to Entity Screen Action

@emre I feel it is time we get an action that will go directly to an Entity Screen. With some of the new functions and our use of Entity Screens I feel it would be wise to allow this vs using Change Entity as a work around. At the very least we should open discussion about this and work out a solution.


+1 yes please.

I would also like to see an Action to do the same with Account Screen.

We might also consider having a Custom Screen where the screen is tied to neither Entities, nor Accounts, nor anything else for that matter.

I believe there is a fundamental reason that @emre continues to avoid this request, having to do with the current infrastructure… I’m certainly willing to listen to what those reasons are.

I have that same feeling. Maybe the custom screen not tied to anything could be an answer…

We have to set an entity type to be able to switch to an entity screen. This is needed. As we need to define the entity type Change Ticket Entity already does it. I think I can understand your need. For making things a little easier I’ve added Entity Screen Name setting for Change Ticket Entity action.

As you are working with tableless configurations maybe you don’t notice how we handle entity screen switching. For example…

  1. You clicked on a table.
  2. You wanted to select a customer.
  3. Did other things inside ticket. Maybe created a customer, selected a deliverer, employee etc…
  4. When you close ticket you need to return where you started.

Allowing people to just switch to an entity screen will probably break our navigation tracking.


OK that makes a lot of sense thank you for that clarification.

Thank you this will certainly be good.

@emre, what about the display of Account screens? Surely this wouldn’t be difficult to implement - emulation of clicking Main Menu > Accounts, with a permission-check of course.

What was the verdict with this.
Would like to top of my entity required message with message saying,

There are orders on this ticket with require an entity, would you like to select now?
[ Select Table ]  [Select Customer ] [ Cancel ]

Where the select table/customer buttons just straight to the entity screen in order to select a table/customer.