Change Waiter button conflicts with Open Drawer Automation Command on Tables entity screen

Continuing the discussion from Table transfer between waiters:

Got all of this working and can’t thank you all enough!

One problem for me though. I have an Open Cash Drawer button on my Tables entity screen and as soon as I install the Change Waiter button to my ticket screen any time a server pushes the Open Drawer button It makes the Menu button inactive forcing them to open a new or go through an existing table to get out of the Tables screen. Also, the ticket that comes up is empty even when you push an open table with items rung in. I have a “Print Report” button on the same “Tables” entity screen and it also makes the “Menu” button inactive. Tried firing the “Logout User” action last in my Open Drawer rule but doesn’t do anything either as long as the “Change Waiter” button is installed. Seems I’m forced to open a ticket after pushing open drawer or print report.

If you’ve followed that sample you probably didn’t defined for which command Change Waiter rulle will work. Add a Constraint for Automation Command Executed Rule to make it work for a specific automation command by defining command name. If you don’t add a constraint it will work for all automation commands button clicks.

See how default rule for void button configured.