Change Windows Scale

I need to change windows scale when user login. How can i do it?

Windows scaling is in windows settings.
Samba so has scalling in display settings in local options.
Can also controll and scroll for scaling…

Sure i know we can use ctrl+shift+scroll for scaling. but i need to scale when user loged in.
Because pos not have a mause and keyboard.

Possibly by using a command line instruction launched via a rule and action, something like this: windows 10 - Is it possible to change display scaling via command line? - Super User
or this : GitHub - imniko/SetDPI

Samba has scaling in local settings…
Did say.

yes i know. i am connecting with rdp. and sambapos use same setting for all rdp users.
it named local but not completely local.

There is not a way to automate scale on login.

I would suggest creating different user accounts in windows for each user.

Then in local settings set the terminal name, scale percentage, and move the SambaSettings.txt file from the App path to the User path.

This was you can have different scaling for each windows user.

Good luck

User Path mean?

C:\Users\username and then?

Manage - Local Settings.

You will find 2 buttons, one display local path and the other user path.

i will try. thanks. .