Changing Gift Card Payment Transaction type based on Entity State

I’m redoing my Gift Card setup (based on Q’s Gift Certificate Tutorial). On post #40 Q has a process of creating a free Gift Certificate, which works great.

However, when a free Gift Card is used/redeemed, they get processed with paid Gift Cards. I believe the free Gift Card should be paid/processed as a Discount. Since no money has been transfered.

Is there a way to change the transaction type based on an Entity state using just 1 Gift Card Payment button?

I’m thinking Gift Card (Entity) states would be Activated and Promo Card.

Been a while since worked on payments, what are the mapping options? Might need 2 payment types for paid and free and switch the button based on one of the mapping options.

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For mapping there is just Terminal, User Role, Department & Ticket Type.

However, that sparks an idea of using a different Ticket Type when then Entity (Gift Card) is selected then change the Ticket Type back to a normal ticket after payment. I can map the Promo Gift Gift Card payment to the new Ticket Type. I can probably map the other payment buttons to the new ticket type also, that way the cashier won’t know the difference.

Thanks, Joe!

Can someone who is good with accounts take a quick look to see if I have transactions correct?

This first picture shows a Promo Card (free Gift Card) created.

Would it be a good idea to separate Paid Gift Cards and Promo Gift Cards using accounts? Right now they both go into GC Funds?

This pictures shows accounts after a $2.00 sale.

* The Sales Tax is not showing, but that makes up the difference in the Sales Acccount.

I understand that Receivables is a pass thru account (kinda like my wallet) with a $0 balance. Is it necessary to use that account, since money is not being transferred? Or does it not matter?

Really depends on how you want to report it for your business accounting. If you report it as liability or not basically. If you report both the same then I wouldnt worry about it.

Payment accounts should always be Debit transactions.
You credit it only if you are using it to pay a bill or something.

To answer my own question after working on this for 2 days is: I don’t need another payment button.

The Account Transaction Type defined in payment types is the same one I need for the Discount transaction.

There is a “Pay Ticket” action in the Rules when Payment type is selected (as per the Q’s tutorial). I put a constraint to select which Action to use based on an Entities Status.

There is a “Create Account Transaction Document” action used in a rule after a payment is processed (again, as per Q’s Tutorial). I also constrain the rule based on Entity Status.

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The GC Funds is a holding account for paid/free Gift Cards. When a Gift Card was purchased, there was a transaction that Debited Payments. Yes, you are correct. But since the customer has not used the full amount of the Gift Card, it’s treated like a liability. This is where it gets a little weird, because you have the money from the customer… but they have not spent it yet. Sorta like if a customer gave you cash for future products/services and you stored it in a shoe box under the counter. When the customer come in for products or service, you took some cash out of the shoe box to put in the till. The GC Funds is the shoe box. If you never sold a Gift Card again, but people came in and used all their Gift Cards funds, the GC Funds account will keep being reduced until all funds were used up, with the GC Funds ending at zero.

I opted to create a separate Payment account to hold the Promotional Gift Cards (free Gift Cards). That will keep paid and free gift cards accounts separate.