Changing Table Caption When Reserved

I’ve searched the forum for some answers on changing table button captions what not. Following that Changing Table Button Captions tutorial allowed table buttons to show more information based on Status. When closing ticket and status is unpaid, it goes orange.

I want to know if it was possible to apply a different color If the table has been Reserved and just mark the table with “Reserved” With either date caption, or name of person it’s reserved under.

I followed the simple reserve tutorial, and got that working, but I was hoping that when table status has changed, it will go red for example and state, RESERVED" with either name or date of reservation.

Is there anything I should add under display state to get this to occur?

I tried $1{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Note:(TEN.Tables=$1) and (TS.Status=Reservation) and Ticket.Note != null
But that didn’t work(I assume I definitely am doing something wrong here)

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: Some screen Shots

Reservations work Fine. Below

Except Its not color coded. And second

Reservation is allocated to table 3. Except…

State doesn’t show on tables either,

Also is there a way in which we can reserve a table without actually putting selecting an item?

You may need to use a custom product called reserve and you can automate the removal of it when real products added.

interesting, ill give it a go. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Jesse I am using SambaPOS v5. I like to use reservation function. Let me know how to setup it. I am really fresh new member.

Have you serched the forum?? Theres a few bits about reservations, the first being this one with a database tools file to import into your system. Have a search and a read and have a go at implementing things