Changing the Item Prices real-time

We would like to change the prices of up to 64 items on the fly real-time. How is this done with SamboPOS?

Use the price list option

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Hallo Kendash,
can you perhaps elaborate? I can change the price in the back end SQL database, but it is not reflected in the POS unless I re-start it…
Any ideas?

He mean the price list editor found in manage.

From main menu

  1. Select Manage>Products
  2. Choose Price List Editor
  3. Highlight product price, and change it
  4. Press save to all price changes at once.

After saving, all prices will change straight away. No need to change using SQL.

Thanks Shivan,
my external software is changing the prices in the SQL database and I want the changes to be reflected on the POS immediately. I’m changing prices every 3 mins.
I hope we are on the same page?

Actually if you change prices in SQL directly, they won’t show on the POS immediately due to caching.

You probably would need to trigger a refresh - or possibly logout / login to force refresh, you would have to try and see. How about if a price changes during a ticket? If the price changes and refresh with logout / login, you can just force auto logout after each order and that may force the refresh, but I am not 100% sure.

I handled this sort of situation in the past where I was handling real time price changes from another system. I solved it by doing a query of the current price each time an order is added to a ticket. You do notice a slight lag, which will vary depending on your network setup, but it means you can guarantee the most up to date price.

We did all sorts of testing and first tried what you are doing (externally updating SQL) and this is how I found out it doesn’t reflect immediately.

You can read more about what we did and the problems we had on this topic:

Also, can I ask what are you doing that you have the requirement for real time price changes? If you can give some more info about what you need this for, we could possibly recommend other options.

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Hallo Mark,
how do I set up a refresh cache? I’m new to Sambapos.

Theres a refresh cache action, so you can create a rule for when you want to refresh the cache and add that action to the rule

Thank you Rick. I’ll try it!

But if you check the post I linked above, Emre said refreshing in the way I had suggested wasn’t advisable hence why I then did the price lookup each time an order was added to the ticket.

could you send me the exact steps you used for you prefered method?

Yes sure - click the link above and you can read in the post I did already. If you want me to set it up for you, send me a PM and we can offer a paid service to do it. :slight_smile: