Changing Ticket Closing Worklow Turtorial question?

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After followed this turtorial, every thing work well. Except if i make order on entity (table) end close it. Then open that table again to click Change Table button, after choose a new table. The new table is have a correct state, have correct color. But the old table is still remain its last state, have the color the same as new table.
How to update the old table State, in this case i need its Entity State is Available.
I still not know to use what event to fix this.
Please help

You will need to use the Ticket Entity Changed Event, and put an Update Entity State Action in that Rule to set Previous Entity Status State to Available.

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Sorry, How to set Previous Entity Status? :joy:
Because in this Tutorial, we have Unpaid state with Organ color, Paid state with (may be) Green color. So need to change the new Entity State right to the Previous Entity state, and the Previous Entity to Available State.
Please help @@

I looking for on but it do not have enough information @@