Changing ticket entity causes close ticket rule for different ticket type to execute

Using version 5.3

For delivery tickets when closing and a payment type isn’t selected a prompt asks to select a ticket type.

Because create ticket action doesn’t take an input of ticket type, when a ticket is created via command button from entity screen, the ticket type is set as a local variable and then used to change ticket type. This works fine. Ticket is refreshed and {TICKET TYPE} == the correct ticket type.

The ticket type for the single department is “Delivery Ticket”.

When closing, say, a pickup ticket without changing and entity, the close ticket rule for Pickup Tickets executes. However, once a ticket entity is changed, the close ticket rule for Delivery Ticket is executed prompting for payment selection.

Close ticket rules are mapped to respective ticket types.

Rule debugger when entity is selected/changed. All automation that fires is shown:


First is just closing a pickup ticket. The second is changing and entity then closing. The delivery rule is executed.

Rule debugger when just a pickup ticket is closed:

Rule debugger after entity is changed:

Delivery close ticket rule and mappings:

Pickup close ticket rule and mappings:

When I change the delivery ticket close rule to this (not changing any mappings):

no close rules are fired:

nothing in the debugger shows as executed:

also, no inactive events:

I’m stuck and am in need some help.


for the time being I’ve constrained the ask action to the delivery ticket type but that doesn’t solve why a rule mapped to delivery ticket is executed on a pickup ticket


I dont think you need this ’ in your Ticket Type constraint

Is you Entity Screen for Customer Search screen set to ticket type “Pickup Ticket”?

My guess is that when you select the a new customer, it is changing the ticket type to Pickup Ticket.

There is an option to “Ask Ticket Type”.
Or you can create a new Customer Search screen for Delivery Tickets…You can still use Customers Entity Type.

I dont think you need this ’ in your Ticket Type constraint

I just keep it consistent in how I use it in action constraints.

if some state isn’t set (SambaPOS backend returns “” or an empty string if not found so it’s not null)
'{TICKET STATE:SomeState}' [Equals] 'Some String"

would evaluate to '' [Equals] 'SomeString' or false;

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We tried the ask ticket type but the pizza joints don’t want to get customer name first then order.

everything starts at this entity screen:


I’ll try and mock-up something on a default db that illustrates what’s going on.

If you change the Ticket Type on the Customer Search Screen to Delivery Ticket. Does the problem still happen?

If the problem still happens, PM a copy of the mockup db when you get a chance.

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Well that does the trick. Good tidbit to know. Thanks much!

But I’m still puzzled why select entity does anything to ticket type when there’s an open ticket already. I get when one selects an entity first and “Ask Ticket Type” is not checked is creates the pre-configured ticket type.

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I’m not sure why it operates that way…It’s just the way it is. :thinking:

Is changing the ticket type on the entity screen going to cause any problems when the situation is reversed?

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Surprisingly, no. Everything it working 5x5. Go figure lol

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