Changing unit meassure in inventory items

@Emre, did you test what would happen if you change the unit in the inventory items in the middle of work (not work period). I realized now that having 3.98 bottles of beer is not nice even tho i buy a whole box (my unit)… would be nicer to see an integer number…



You can if you do transaction multiplier of 1

so, you already tried that?



Yes just got home. Its in your Inventory Definitions… you set your Multiplier to 1… and you can still buy case qty… the trick is for QTY on your purchase… you put your total case count… and then enter total price you paid for case and leave unit price empty. It will calculate your inventory per item instead of case. Its great for the type of product your selling. I would use it on anything that sells in single units… or is easy to track… I wouldnt use it for stuff like cheese, or tomatos.

I will show you screenshot in minute.


I knew all that, my question was more oriented to what happens to stock counts… will it mess up previous stock counts?


No those stay the same. It just converts the reporting for any work period after you make change. The actual products for inventory tracking are still the same… the number of products is the same its just how it reports it is different.

I will run that scenerio now and give you screenshots

EDIT: HAHA apparently I was wrong. I thought I had ran that scenerio before but i must have gotten it confused with something else. When I changed the inventory multiplier and did another transaction… it messed the number up bad.

I am looking to figure out why it did it and if there is a way around it.

EDIT: So for it to work you would have to create the same item again and track it seperately from the already purchased items. You would just ammend your actual inventory to combine them into the new item at end of day report. Then delete the old item.

The new item would need to be named differently maybe _Item Name until you delete the old one after ammending end of day… then you can rename it back to the original item.

I just tested this and it works.

Apparently its not smart enough to convert previous stock :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you let me understand something?

  • 1 Box = 50 items.
  • You’ve purchased 1 Box.
  • Supplier changed Box quantity to 48.
  • You’ve purchased 1 more Box.
  • Sold 2 items.

How many boxes do you have?

I understand what you are saying.


I have beer box = 24 beers
my unit is box… as in my reports and in inventory i get to see 0,24 boxes = 5,76 beers

I got tired of that, so I will changre all my box, pack to units, and no more decimals.