Character Set in Epson Printer TM T88V

I have defined in Printer Driver Character Set PC437(USA:Standard Europe) and I have choosed same Character Set (437) in Sambapos under Printer. Sambapos doesnt print äéèü in Ticket.

Need to add some line in Templates for this?.

Does it print those chars from say notepad?

Yes, it prints with wordpad and word.

@JTRTech I have realised that this Problem is only with Printer Type “TicketPrinter”. With other Printer Type all this charcters öüäà are printed, but ticket Design is “miserable”: Thats is normal.

Anything to make for Ticket Printer Type in Template?

What do you mean ticket printer type? That is not a setting in sambapos for printers.

@Jesse Hello, i have meant this Setting in Printer Type.
In all other Type. Epson prints [ ö ä ü à] correctly, but not in ESC/POS emulated Printer.

And Same with Version 4. Once Printer Type is set on "Ticket Printer " , Epson doesnt print this characters.

Need to put some lines in Ticket Templates?


Has someone any Idea about this? Why i cannot print some Characters like ö ä ü à with epson ESC/POS Emulated Printer?

The printer may need the character coding sent to it first. This is not a Sambapos issue more of a printer setting issue. Google your printer and how to enable special characters for ESC/pos.

In Printer Driver i have activated too. In Test Print it prints all. And all other software like Wordpad, word print them correctly. Only Sambapos in this emulation type cannot print them.

SambaPOS has nothing to do with printing. Windows handles the printing. Word an notepad are different it’s not a true esc/pos print. You need to check your printer for the code set. We just pass the print over directly.

If you are unable to achieve the special character printing via ESC/pos then you should try converting your printer type to html or Windows printer (in Sambapos) and altering your printer template to suit.
ESC/Pos mode is different from these type in that it sends the raw code to the printer whereas the otherprinter types will convert the template into an image to send to the printer. This makes ESC/pos faster but you have much more ability to change layout and look with HTML type.

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@KryptonFactor You mean, need to use html Ticket template and WIndows Printer instead of ESC/POS
emulation. Correct?


No try html printer type first.


With Chracter Set: 852 / 850 / 857 / 437 , it was not possible to print üäöà in ESC/POS Emulation (Ticket Printer). But with Code page 1250 / 1254 Epson TMT88V has printed correctly.

Thanks for your precious Support!!

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