Character Set ISO-15924 support?

My language use Character set ISO-15924, but not to support

i not want to use printer type is HTML, How to fix it? thanks
this is my language wiki link…

Printer setting in SambaPOS use a Code Page number, not an ISO number.

So search the 'net for Code Page instead.

Quick searches indicate the code page should be 1252 … try that.

What is your reason for not wanting to use HTML printer?

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I search the internet, no code page for my Language. Link

You may have to use HTML printer. Can you explain why you don’t want to use HTML printer maybe we can provide some assistance with that?

Try 1252 or use HTML Printer. Those are your options for this language.

I am also seeing reference to the number 350, so you could try that, but I do not know what it represents exactly.

yes, i saw that page, it said “but substitute Myanmar glyphs* in place of the English (Latin) glyphs.”

it is before font replace in other character…

This is my older post, use html printer, have problem, not align

We have <table> tag support for V5 printer templates so you can format your order lines properly on HTML printer.

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Am not a pro with non English language & fonts but if that’s a general issue of the windows font for your language how can samba be expected to work around limitations of OS?

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Thanks, i try it…