Charges basic on duration. is it possible?

Hi im currently trying to setup a system for my business, for the most part everything works well with what i’m trying to do. Since i have setup a perfect system for my delivery base restaurant already.

my question is that on top of things my customer can order i need to charge them base on how long they stayed base on hours (sorta like a hotel system even tho it not) . so is it possible to calculate the cost base on when i check them in and when i check them out.

anybody have any idea?

You can use Product Timers. If you map a timer to a product its price calculates based on duration. However there is a little catch. If you don’t stop timers manually you won’t be able to close ticket even after fully paid. (think of a case where one customer paid whole bill but his friend still continues staying, playing, etc) Based on your requirement you can choose either stopping timers manually or stop them by executing “Stop Product Timers” action on “Ticket Payment Check” Rule. (or you can create a specific rule for your case)

great thanks alot exactly what i needed. but one thing tho i cant find the “Stop Product Timers” under the action list am i missing something? not a big deal but good to know for future references.

You should create a new action from Automation > Actions…

ah thanks found it. My bad must have missed it the last 3 times i go throught the list now it perfect, thanks

Hi emre so i just try add “Stop Product Timers” action on “Ticket Payment Check” Rule. it doesnt stop the timer for some reason. as soon as the amount is pay off a couple of sec is added to the ticket so the remain amount cant get to zero. so it wont trigger the stop product timer action.

  • Maybe you can try rounding it to minutes or more.
  • Stopping timers on clicking “Settle Button” might be another solution.