Cheap Win 10 printer

Could anyone recomend a really cheap printer that will work with windows 10 and Sambapos. paper size and printer quality is unimportant its just for test use dont need anything flashy I was using one of these

but no good on windows 10.

I have many of these, work fine in windows 7…
What problems are you having?

yeh same here works fine with windows 7. On windows 10 or 8.1 you get a error message saying usb device malfunction device disabled.

I am using this same printer. The only problem I have, though, is that I can’t print my bill. I can print other stuff, just not my bill. Can someone give me some suggestions?

have you tried this…

If you can print from Windows (test page or from notepad for eg) then samba can use the printer.

How are you trying to print?
Have you selected the printer name from the dropdown in the ticket printer settings?

Yes I have done that. I am using version 4 and I can print from the accounting sections and the invoices sections, but I cannot print my bill. Do you have any advice?

If you can print those it’s going to be something simple.

The print bill button is part of default setup, have you changed any of default rules?
Have you defined the ticket printer name?

Going to need some screenshots.
You windows printer screen, you ticket printer samba strings, ticket template, ticket print job, print bill rule.

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