Check Database version Database 150 App 143

Hey all,
i have installed SambaPos with Sql server express advance 2014 and after i setup the string and everything, i had one backup and i restored it after restore when i am trying to login its showing me error Check database version Database: 150, App: 143, anyone can help with this how i can fix this error and why its coming

Means your backup is from a newer version of samba than the one you have installed.

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Why do you want to use an older version of SambaPOS ?
Please use the latest version.

Its latest version i have downloaded from sambapos site

Obviously not else wouldn’t get that message :-p
See here;

SambaPOS 5.2.20 Release

latest version is 5.2.20 and its app ver is 152 not 143. Please re download please