Checking if Samba is running of headless server

Anyone have any suggestions of a good way to monitor if Samba is running on a headless PC?

Had a slight issue with bloody Windows 10 update restarting the server.
Should really have been more proactive but didnt think it would do win 10 update without user interaction…

Anyway because the server restarted obviously tills went down temporally but fortunately SQL service quickly restarted on reboot however because of update prompts Samba didnt start meaning the hotel went 24hrs without the sales scripts running as I setup the scripts to be triggered on the server with Samba running but not logged in.

Anyway want to implement a way to monitor or rather notify is Samba doesn’t respond on server terminal.

My first thoughts are some form of trigger to routinely broadcast message and configure a response from the server… HOWEVER I want to get notification if no response so not sure how to achieve…

You can setup SambaPOS to auto start on close or restart. The process to do this is similar to how you set it to run as a single application terminal.

Instructions on how to do this:

I have that already, the issue was the update screens kept the machine from logging in and samba from starting.
Auto start works well in case of power cut etc (do have UPS but should log cut happen).
However have had once before that samba crashed with similar results although was during my intervention so restarted straight away.
I am covered for 99% of situations with auto start etc but want piece of mind to make notification if server samba not responding for any reason as being a headless unit and SQL being a separate service and terminals continue to rune without checking via remote desktop or similar.
I specifically setup this way so scripts would run silently without interfering with pos flow but this is obviously the downside of that plan :slight_smile:

Maybe you should disable auto install of updates. You can let it download the updates and warn when they are ready but require human input to actually install them. This method is what 99% of enterprise rollouts do. Typically they remotely install the updates lol.

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I usually do but obviously missed that this time round…

I’m just looking for some reassurance for any eventuality.
Say for whatever reason Samba on server crashes or freezes for example.

I am not sure of a way to notify if SambaPOS is running… Obviously it cant send a response nor can it receive one. You will probably need to research an app for it.

here is something:

It looks kinda clunky though and very dated.

Here is something more professional:

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My only thought at the minute is;
Broadcast message from main bar till --> response action mapped to server terminal --> update program setting with time --> read program setting from bar till --> if not updated server didn’t receive message and potentially samba not running on server
However this seems a little messy to me.
My usual maintenance methods like ping scan app to check all WAP, CCTV, manages switches etc are up and running wont work as it would still respond to a ping…
If anything more serious like pc failure etc were to happen obviously tills would go down.

Its the fact that to general staff they will know no better and as I only work 4 mornings a week it could potentially be few days before realizing as it would be evident the scripts wernt running as sales will not balance with PMS<->Samba

Mine did this too, midnight saturday… during rush period.

Not cool, took ages too cos it rebooted 3 times.


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Blame Microsoft. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure there are tools that can poll the Task Manager on a remote system, but you would certainly need to modify Windows permissions for it to be able to gain access no matter what method or Tool you choose to use.

I probably wouldn’t bother trying to find a Tool; maybe search Powershell get running processes remote. It really is powerful.

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Did hear there has been controversy about there ‘upgrade persuasion methods’.

CCTV at hotel stopped this morning again because the host PC (windows) upgraded itself LOL.

I dont dislike windows 10 except for the ‘dumb down’ style of everything, have you gone to settings and not just gone straight down to the link to the ‘control panel’ window for that section?

Eventually control panel will go the way of extinction