Chnage Ticket Entity Help


I am wanting to make it so when I scan an ID number into the keypad It selects the Customer Entity with that ID number in the custom field. If that Entiy Doesnt exist it will ask for it to be created, with name and age.

Ive got it working so that when an number is entered into the keypad, its passed through to the Change Ticket ENtiy action, but dont know what options to choose in this action. Whatever I try just crashes the program when I enter a number, with a Null pointer expection being the cause of the crash.

Ive gone through and tried to find a tutoiral or similar question but can not find it.

If I remember right you need to have the entity name/primary field as the number/id and set the customer name/description as custom field.
Expect the error is because the number cannot be found in the entity name/primary fields.
The can create entity may solve to create entity with name of the entered number but pretty sure this wont then push you to the usual create entity screen with custom fields to enter.