Choice of printers

I am wondering which printer works best with SambaPos.
Any consideration, limitation in the choice of printer? we are planning to buy a cheap Chinese brand…

thank you for your feeback!

Ive used the second printer in the list - the $20-25 ones, or at least very similar.
One of those and a cheap cash drawer can be as low as £65 on ebay in UK.
Note that from what ive seen these cheapy type printers only have a 12V capacity on the kick drawer port which struggled to open an older heavy duty drawer I had laying around (think it was looking for 24V) and it only maybe opened 1/2 the time it should have when testing so used a bigger 80mm epson.
If you use chap Chinese printer id recommend a matching cheap cash drawer.
Depending on your intended use also remember that the smaller ones do not have an autocut blade.

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